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First Session

The first session is more of a discovery session that provides the opportunity for the counsellor and client to get to know one another a little bit more and to make sure the counsellor is the right fit for you. Throughout the session I will listen to the reasons for you coming to counselling, identify some goals and gain some insight into your personal situation. During the session you can ask questions and get to understand how I can work with you on certain issues. If my service is not the right fit for you, I can refer you on to another service that will meet your needs.

How many sessions will I need and for how long

In terms of a single session the duration is usually 50/60 minutes. Counselling sessions can be offered weekly, fortnightly, monthly, this very much depends on your circumstances and what works best for you. It is not always possible to say exactly how many sessions clients will need. This will vary from person to person given their unique circumstances and the identified issues are that have to be worked on. A rough guide of session amounts can be offered and we can work together to detail specific goals and outcomes to be worked towards and achieved. This can be flexible and a realistic timeframe offered given in line with what you want to achieve.

Payment Methods

Cash and online bank transfer are both suitable ways of payment. Payment is due at the time of the appointment or earlier if paying by bank transfer and you will receive an invoice.

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