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My Client Reviews

My therapist could not have been more understanding and supportive throughout our sessions, not at any point did I feel like I wasn’t in incredibly capable hands. I would recommend this service to anyone and has helped me immensely. I’ve even noticed a difference in my everyday life. I feel like my therapist went above and beyond to accommodate me and make me feel safe and accepted. Could not be happier with the service I received.

I found it an enlightening and soothing process that uncovered and addressed areas of my mind which I did not understand properly nor the negative impact it had been having on my life.  I felt we were a team making the discoveries and then addressing them as they arose. Michele was also kind, thoughtful, encouraging and supportive.  Even when I was at my lowest, I always came away feeling that there was hope and it would be a positive outcome. It is a journey I am pleased to have gone on, and know need to keep the processes and ideas we have created in place to continue to grow and change old negative behaviours

Michele made me feel comfortable throughout my sessions. I was well informed and the service has been excellent. Michele has helped me with this difficult moment in my life and I feel I am in a much better place. I cannot thank Michele enough for everything 😊


This experience was life changing. It has been so helpful in so many ways including learning more about myself, why I feel the way I do/did, and taught me ways of dealing with anxieties and understanding emotions.

I couldn’t recommend Michele more, she’s the best therapist I’ve ever had by miles. She is kind, calm, patient, clearly knows her subject matter to an incredible depth and was able to explain everything so well. I’m in awe of her ability to be empathetic, relatable and highly professional throughout – I never once felt judged by her, which was essential to me getting so much out of this experience. Thank you so much Michele!

I felt from the time I made the initial phone call everything seemed to go like clockwork. My request was heard with regards to the therapist I wished to see and I can truly say that in all the years I have experienced counselling by far Michele has helped me the most and found the root cause. Cannot rate her highly enough.

I worked with Michele for 9 months. She helped me to navigate a very challenging time of my life and understand how past trauma was showing up for me. Michele is easy to open up to and we built a very trusting therapist and client relationship.

It was during the last couple months of sessions that the benefit of all the things we had been working on became clear. Definitely trust the process with Michele and you will reap the benefits.

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